What Are the Main Reasons to Play an Online Casino?

People all over the world are enjoying the online casino as the major entertainment source. Plenty of reasons are there for attracting the players to gamble online. singapore online casino Some of them are mentioned here for your understanding. 

  • Ease of transactionGnome And Roulette Table

While playing at online casinos, you are guaranteed with rapid transactions because too many options are there to deposit and withdraw the cash. You can make your payments instantly and enter the games. Some of the best options are debit card or credit card, PayPal, and others

  • Comfortable and convenient

The online casino offers free-play versions for the players. It is an entirely risk-free way of online gambling. Most of the players like this version to get more familiar with gameplay and use it later with real money.

  • Rewards with games

Many gaming sites offer sign-up rewards to the new players. It includes free bets, extra credits, bonus on the first or each deposit, etc. You can access it properly to fulfill your dream of winning more cash or enjoying the real thrill of gambling. 

  • Game selection with more options

The offline casino never offer more variety of games compared to the online casino. The online casinos offer different latest games that include all the classic casino games found in an offline casino. It also offers a wide range of betting options and therefore players tend to choose the right one based on their needs. 

  • Excellent payout rate

The online casino payout ratios are higher when compared to offline casinos. It is because of the high demand in online casino websites. Online casino operators do not have to pay for expensive infrastructures and services, which allows them to share their profits with the players.

  • Ease of deposit and withdrawal

The peoples are feeling safe while dealing with online casino transactions. It is easier than paying with cash. It also helps them to have a record of their deposits and withdrawals for online gambling.  There are various payment options available in online casinos. 

  • Bet sizes

Most offline casinos have restrictions for minimum and maximum bets for their players.  But in the online casino, there are no restrictions on the bet size. The players are very free to bet for lower and higher amount as per the player’s choices.

  • Global access

White, Background, Design, Game, IconOnline betting enables players access to quality games all around the world. You are not controlled to play from anywhere. You can even play and compete with others players. Regardless of where you are, you can gamble and enjoy the thrill and fun. 

  • Invisibility and safety

The online casino is fast, convenient, and safe than conventional way of gambling. You can play without revealing your identity but you should be above 18years. The online casino offers an option to hide your details behind a username that does not reveal any details about you. 

Among huge websites, you have to research well and find the best one that has license because it helps you to stay safer for a long time. 

Frankie Dettori Magic Seven Blackjack Review Guide

Released a few years back, Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven Blackjack is one of the most famous titles in Playtech’s line of slots and casino games inspired by the legendary jockey Frankie Dettori. After introducing a few Detorri-dedicated slots, the company agreed to create a virtual blackjack with a fun horse racing theme and a huge jackpot of 7,777 times the stake.

How To Play Blackjack (The Complete Guide) - Blackjack Apprenticeship

The game is played under the traditional American blackjack rules with 6 decks of cards. The customer is using the regular hole card, meaning the second hand of the dealer is face down and concealed from the player. The dealer looks for blackjack when it’s an Ace or a 10 worth card. Furthermore, the dealer still hits 16 and must The target is inevitably to overcome the dealer with a hand as close to 21 as possible. This blackjack variant requires players to gamble on three hands simultaneously, but it adds a variety of special payouts including a 7,777 times bet size jackpot. However, these special payouts are only issued after a side bet has been placed.

Double cards

The players will put three 4d dragon bets of the same size on both hands with 1, 2, or 3 hands against the dealer. When the original two cards have been handed, you have some possibilities – strike, take another card; stand, deny more cards; and double your bet if you think you’re a decent shot to win. The players can double any two cards, even after a Break, but a third and final card is handed to the players after they press a Double button. It is therefore necessary to be mindful that both base and side bets are doubled if the double choice is picked.

The players will pick Break when the original two cards are of the same value. If they do, each of the new hands will have an extra card. Only 1 split is allowed per round, however, and only 1 card can be split into Ases. The split hand would be counted as 21, and not blackjack if it is an Ace and a 10-value card.

How To Play Blackjack Switch - YouTube

If the Dealer’s faceup Card is an As, another alternative is offered for players – if a Dealer has a blackjack, their losses are reduced by half. The new button in this case refers to insurers and it acts like a side bet that is equivalent to precisely half of the initial bet for the player.


The Magic Seven Blackjack by Playtech’s Frankie Dettori is a simple, well-designed variant of standard blackjack, but comes with one distinct characteristic – the wide range of special payouts. They work in a very basic, quick way. When the player puts the Magic Seven Side Bet, equivalent to the original bet, there will be a new game and players will start raising the Trophies, even though their original bet isn’t good, to get a payoff.

The trophies can be randomly displayed in the top-right corner of cards originally spread on the table – both on the players’ cards and on the dealer’s side. To earn a payout, the players must collect at least 2 trophies in one or more rounds. You have just one trophy, so you don’t get a payment on the next rounds of Trophies. As the tiny trophy icons shown around the side betting section on the table illuminated, the number of trophies can be easily tracked. 


How to Play Double Ball Roulette

As with other Evolution Gaming tables, Live Double Ball Roulette strives for the highest standards attainable. The two balls released into the wheel make the game special in itself, but there is also so much more. There are lots of languages available including English, German, French, Russian, and others. In addition this, the product is available for playing both on desktop computers and mobile devices. Finally, the game has a specially made wheel and the dealers conducting the rounds are top-notch.

The game is streamed from live casino studios in Malta and Latvia. There are also several other smaller studios round Europe that are used from time to time for Double Ball Live Roulette. All of these studios have the very best of roulette equipment and streaming services.

Evolution Gaming licenses all of its products with several regulatory bodies. Live Double Ball Roulette is no different. It is licensed and regulated by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission.

Inside betting and outside betting are both possible in Live Double Ball Roulette. Betting outside the table is the real value here. It means betting on both balls and thus betting on higher odds. Betting inside is all nice and fun, but that is only for regular roulette players. Betting outside on the Gold Bets is where the money is in Double Ball Roulette.

If you want a company to conduct a perfect game of Double Ball Roulette then that company has to be Evolution Gaming. The overall look on desktop devices is remarkably neat. This is especially true for the easily accessible icons and chat. The mobile Double Ball Roulette is equally as impressive. Its discrete menu button for easy access to the stats and other information is a particular highlight. The game’s interface is quite inconspicuous as well.

Not so much part of the video performance, but the background music is also appropriate for a game of this type. It is definitely building the suspense, especially the sound of both balls being pushed on the track.

Double Ball Roulette comes in three quality video options. Whichever one you choose make sure you select the HD option too. If it is chosen on a desktop, one feels like being there in a real casino. It is a similar feeling on a mobile device, but the screen size matters here.

On a similar note, the multiple cameras combine perfectly to give the best possible experience for players. Finally, the round concludes with a drum roll and an overhead view as both balls land in their pocket.

Live Dealer Casino Studio and Technology Behind It

Have you ever wondered how live casino games work? From our end, it seems very simple. A dealer draws cards or spins the roulette wheel, and a camera films everything. However, you simply cannot see many details just by looking at what is going on. The cameras are positioning in such a way to hide certain elements from view. It boosts your immersion, which is part of what live dealer games use to keep you invested.

Most live casino games we play are ran through special high-tech studios. Developers use these purpose built places to power their releases. A great deal of elements are things we cannot see, which is thanks to camera placement. Not only are the cameras capable of filming in awesome quality, but they are also carefully positioned. That allows you to focus on the action and the dealer without any distractions.

High quality camera output and smaller sizes are just part of the equation. Another very important part of live dealer titles is the Optical Character Recognition software, shortened to OCR. The software scans everything the cameras sees, and cross-references it with its available data. This allows results and other details to be immediately visible on the screen with no delay!

This software is a key part of the Game Control Unit, which is attached to every table. It does several things at once, such as encode the video stream and process OCR software information. If a live casino table was a car, the Game Control Unit would be the engine. It is instrumental in ensuring a great time playing live dealer games.

Cameras let us see the host and the action. Each table also has a monitor that keeps track of new arrivals at the table and brief live chat logs. The monitor allows hosts to keep up with players easily, even if they are constantly busy dealing cards. The monitor is often positioned near the camera, giving you the impression that the dealer is always looking at you.