Frankie Dettori Magic Seven Blackjack Review Guide

Released a few years back, Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven Blackjack is one of the most famous titles in Playtech’s line of slots and casino games inspired by the legendary jockey Frankie Dettori. After introducing a few Detorri-dedicated slots, the company agreed to create a virtual blackjack with a fun horse racing theme and a huge jackpot of 7,777 times the stake.

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The game is played under the traditional American blackjack rules with 6 decks of cards. The customer is using the regular hole card, meaning the second hand of the dealer is face down and concealed from the player. The dealer looks for blackjack when it’s an Ace or a 10 worth card. Furthermore, the dealer still hits 16 and must The target is inevitably to overcome the dealer with a hand as close to 21 as possible. This blackjack variant requires players to gamble on three hands simultaneously, but it adds a variety of special payouts including a 7,777 times bet size jackpot. However, these special payouts are only issued after a side bet has been placed.

Double cards

The players will put three 4d dragon bets of the same size on both hands with 1, 2, or 3 hands against the dealer. When the original two cards have been handed, you have some possibilities – strike, take another card; stand, deny more cards; and double your bet if you think you’re a decent shot to win. The players can double any two cards, even after a Break, but a third and final card is handed to the players after they press a Double button. It is therefore necessary to be mindful that both base and side bets are doubled if the double choice is picked.

The players will pick Break when the original two cards are of the same value. If they do, each of the new hands will have an extra card. Only 1 split is allowed per round, however, and only 1 card can be split into Ases. The split hand would be counted as 21, and not blackjack if it is an Ace and a 10-value card.

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If the Dealer’s faceup Card is an As, another alternative is offered for players – if a Dealer has a blackjack, their losses are reduced by half. The new button in this case refers to insurers and it acts like a side bet that is equivalent to precisely half of the initial bet for the player.


The Magic Seven Blackjack by Playtech’s Frankie Dettori is a simple, well-designed variant of standard blackjack, but comes with one distinct characteristic – the wide range of special payouts. They work in a very basic, quick way. When the player puts the Magic Seven Side Bet, equivalent to the original bet, there will be a new game and players will start raising the Trophies, even though their original bet isn’t good, to get a payoff.

The trophies can be randomly displayed in the top-right corner of cards originally spread on the table – both on the players’ cards and on the dealer’s side. To earn a payout, the players must collect at least 2 trophies in one or more rounds. You have just one trophy, so you don’t get a payment on the next rounds of Trophies. As the tiny trophy icons shown around the side betting section on the table illuminated, the number of trophies can be easily tracked.